Latest Trends Drive Singaporeans' Personal Financial Banking

Singapore’s banking system is one of the largest and most vibrant in the world. From commercial banks and merchant banks offices across the whole country. Let us discuss some of the trends that drive personal finance in the banking context here. Many banks have taken significant steps to provide features like personal data protection. There are three major goals to achieve. The first one is the integrated personal data protection mechanisms.

Singapore Tries To Go Cashless To Usher In More Profits

Singapore is one of the biggest global financial centres in Asia, and it is only increasing its foothold in the industry with every passing day. Starting from modern innovations to advanced technological boost, the state bank and private banks in Singapore are revolutionising the banking system. Be it personal loans or cash deposits, Singaporean banks never let you down when it comes to money management. Why go cashless? Recently, it has started implementing cashless payment systems across the country for easing the payment process for its users.

Hong Kong and Singapore To Make Booking Derivatives Profitable For Global Banks

Hong Kong and Singapore are looking to increase their share of the international US$540 trillion global derivatives business. As Europe and the UK make stricter banking rules, these countries are seeking to take advantage of the situation. Brexit, Britain’s decision to quit the European Union, is also causing much uncertainty in the European banking sector. The discussion is on: Regulators from Hong Kong and Singapore, two biggest Asian financial centres, have been discussing the matter with the Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA).